Information & Crisis Clinic

We provide an Info & Crisis Clinic offering a maximum of 4 appointments to help people who may be struggling with many issues including benefits, hospitalisation, utilities, complaints etc.

Please contact us to secure an appointment.

(If you need help filling in a benefit form, we will need at least 3 weeks notice before it is due to be returned, so as soon as you receive the form, make sure you contact us to make an appointment)

The service provides one to one support from a Qualified Advocate to people with mental health issues, their friends, family and carers from Newark and Sherwood, Lincoln and Grantham.

Issues we can help with include (although this is not exhaustive)

Local services

For more information contact us on 01636 650228

Here are some useful tips if you need some more urgent help urgent help

If you or a friend/ family are in Crisis and you think you/they  need immediate help click here for information on what to do emergency

Here is more information on crisis help can telephone support help