About Us

Newark MIND is a registered Charity run by a Board of Trustees. We are part of MIND, a national organisation campaigning for better mental health care, removing stigma and enhancing lives.

We determine through the work of the Trustees, users, staff and other stakeholders what local services we deliver and issues we campaign on. The Trustees are all drawn from the local community and give their time freely. Some Trustees have lived experience of severe mental health problems.The Board consists of a Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and other roles that make the best of skills and experience trustees bring and to meet strategic needs of the organisation.

(We are always open to be approached by people interested in becoming a trustee, including those who have used ours and other services. We are under represented for people from ethnic minorities.)

The Board holds the organisation to account. We have a 5 year strategy and a 3 year business plan with key performance indicators. This is to make sure we do what we say we plan to do, spend money wisely and importantly we have an impact on peoples live for the positive. We file an annual report to the Charity Commission.

The Board hires the CEO and they appoint staff, often with input from Trustees. The staff is a mixture of paid and non-paid roles (volunteers). Most staff work part time. In total the combined hours comes to 6 whole time staff. We have 28 volunteers with the combined hours coming to the equivalent of 8 whole time staff. We are are proud of our volunteers. They allow us to extend services and offer some of the most value for money services in the area.

The money to pay for our organisation comes mostly from Trust grants, lottery, local businesses, fundraising from the public and a small amount from the Local CCG and Council. We are in a continuous process of applying for money to fund the ambitions in our 5 year strategy. Anyone who wants to help with this process and has ideas and skills in bid writing do get in contact.

Useful information:

Role of the Charity Commission

Report on role of Trustees