Reading list

  1. Mind produces lots of  guides all on aspects of mental health.Mind guides

  2. “Recovery is concerned with living a life beyond illness (Shepherd et al., 2008). While the ideas of recovery and recovery-oriented practice have the potential to transform mental health services, we need to look beyond what is provided by these services and examine the whole range of resources and opportunities that can support quality of life, full citizenship and human rights for people with mental health problems.”  This briefing explains how we should approach setting up services and organising communities of support. More suited for professionals and providers but written in a style most people can understand.   briefing on recovery and public_health

  3. This is a list from the Huffington post of books written from a mental health perspective, often by people who have struggled with their own health and living well. book list 1

  4. This list is drawn from the MensHealth mag and has a number of sporting heroes writing about their mental health, including Frank Bruno. book list 2

  5. Many professionals have written self help guides. This list is based on what is called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and these books can in some cases be prescribed by GPs, check with your GP see if they are part of books on list 3 .                                                                                                Need more information about CBT , click here  What is CBT

  6. There are also magazines that cover mental helth from every perspective. Some are subscription only but many have a website that posts articles that can be viewed and read online. This is Mental health Today Mental Health Today

  7. This is a list compiled by 1-in -4. An organisation committed to raising awareness about mental health Magazine list 1

  8. The number of websites is ever growing but this one has a good reputation, it has a lot of professional orientated material but anybody can access it but is a subscription servcie. Mental health website providing up to date information and evidence of good practice

  9. Want to have an app to help you. See this list from NHS choices MH apps